Latest LinkedIn study and Soft Skills

The future of communication seems to be very technologically driven yet there is one thing that “robots” of the future can’t do. They can’t engage on a human emotional level or substitute body language and training like “soft skills.” It’s the one area that corporates really need to pay a lot more attention to.

According to the “Good Men Project” some interesting information is coming out of how important Soft Skills are.

“Learn what Robots Can’t Historically, employers in all industries focused on hard skills, or concrete skills such as the ability to fix a car or program a mobile app.

According to a study of hiring habits conducted by LinkedIn, modern employers are more interested in soft skills.

These skills are more personal aptitudes such as knowing how to communicate clearly and work as part of a team.”

At Mind the Change Academy we pride our selves at arming corporates with effective communication skills.

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