Sales – Efficiency – Dynamism

Just recently I was asked how I do it? Do what you ask? Sell. How do you sell and walk away with the business?

The sales training we do at Mind the Change Academy is specifically aimed at improving personal skills. Training people to be highly efficient and dynamic. Once we get our brains on board with how to be highly efficient and dynamic, suddenly things change.

Dynamic sales people are not slow, lethargic or pessimistic. They are highly energetic, and have a will for life and love the chase. They are competitive in nature and want to be able to win. They practice their craft and hone in on the art of great conversation. Most people look at a product and get stuck. Selling isn’t about a product. It’s about people. It’s about building relationships and giving someone a reason to want to call you first. Be top of mind. People like people who are like themselves or whom they would like to be like.

Life is already as difficult as it is and having a miserable, low energy person on a call or even in your office trying to sell you something just simply becomes annoying. So the question about sales is not “how to sell?” the question about selling is “Am I a great person?” “Am I efficient?” “Am I dynamic?” If the answer to all three those questions isn’t a “Hell yeah!” then stop what you doing and find out how to be.

This is the list of things we look at when doing sales training:

  • How to get your brain on board?

  • Confidence and how to cultivate it

  • Listening – Master active listening techniques to better connect with & understand clients

  • The sales call and effective communication

  • Presentation Skills and how to present yourself well

  • SMART Goals

  • 5 Second Rule

Sales – it’s more about people than product

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