NLP Practitioner & Life Coach Certification Course

9 Days
Certification: Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Life Coach
Pre-requisites: None
Exam: Practical and written

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a discipline that facilitates the ability to unlock the dimensions of how we think (neuro) communicate (linguistic) and our behaviour patterns and emotions (programmes).

NLP is an incredibly effective change management tool. By analysing these relationships and applying techniques, individuals are empowered to change the way they think and act, and thereby able to optimize their life experience.

This course is designed to install a new “frame of mind”. You will have a clear understanding on the basic functionality of how the mind works. It will offer you much more than just information, you will have a complete life style change when integrating the tools and skills learned.

Training will be delivered by internationally accredited trainers, with many years of training and coaching experience. NLP is an art and a science involving skill and techniques that MUST be trained by a true master allowing transference of skill.

The subjects are taught individually yet the skills are integrated for high performance and efficiency. This course combines the power of NLP and the skills for Life Coaching. In our opinion, the two modalities cannot be separated; it is the integration of the two that makes this course so dynamic.

NLP is widely used to support a variety of psychological behaviours. Many of us live with fears, limiting beliefs, unwanted programs and obsessive behaviours that we wish we could change. With NLP you can.

Our training is a full participative learning course. We don’t only teach theory but allow you to experience the full transformational effect of the techniques and skills of NLP we teach. This experience is vital to the learning process.

So many more people are now seeking NLP Coaching because it offers them an opportunity to create real lasting change into their lives. This includes individuals, business, and professionals searching for specific guidance and support.


Our experience has proved that most people who request coaching have some form of limiting belief that has prevent them from fulfilling their goals and dreams. With the skills and techniques that NLP offers, this powerful course will provide the tools to assist individuals to reframe their thought patterns to embrace their goals and dreams.


NLP Practitioner
Life Coach
Certification accredited by the ANLP and ICR