Customise Your Course

At Mind the Change we proud ourselves in delivering the agreed outcomes of the training. To assist us in achieving this we have to customise the content according to your specific needs. This customisation is done after a no obligation, free needs analyses. 

Once the need is identified we go to the drawing board and design the appropriate content to ensure the desired outcome. As all of our training is outcome based, it is important for us to understand and suggest specific ways of measuring the outcomes. Training and coaching has to be impactful, practical and spot-on.

Call Centre Training

For all corporate who use telephonic skills on a daily basis. Call Centre Agents, Managers, Salesmen, VIP Hosts, receptionists, consultants who may struggle in areas of effective communication, the perception of your brand, struggle to articulate the brand or behavioural changes with in the work environment.

Sales Training

Learn how to sell yourself using effective communication. Effective sales techniques, specific sales language, presentations skills, sales calls, building confidence, networking, stepping outside your comfort zone and how to handle objections. Design your training to suit your needs.

Leadership Skills

  • Recognize your personal leadership styles and strengths, and develop the capacity to be effective in a wide range of circumstances and environments.
  • Identify and break through self-perceived limits, thereby moving into an arena of extraordinary performance.
  • Perceive and build on the strengths inherent in others to create powerful alliances and achieve mutual goals.
  • Become aware of your impact on others, learn to create your desired impact, and begin to take responsibility for that impact in all aspects of your life
  • Know and directly experience the essential ingredients for designing and delivering effective experiential workshops, trainings, and presentations.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence consists of four core abilities:

  • Self-awareness – The ability to be aware and to recognize your own emotions and how they affect your thoughts and behavior, know your strengths and weaknesses and have self-confidence.
  • Self-management – The ability to control impulsive feelings and behaviors, manage your emotions in healthy ways, take initiative, follow through on commitments, and adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Social awareness – The ability to understand the emotions, needs, and concerns of other people, pick up on emotional cues, feel comfortable socially, and recognize the power dynamics in a group or organization.
  • Relationship management – The ability to develop and maintain good relationships, communicate clearly, inspire and influence others, work well in a team, and manage conflict.

Communication Skills

This course will teach you all the hidden secrets around communication. Communicating your message is not just something that happens by its self, it takes awareness and skills.

Effective Communication can build trust, make people understand you, get respected and develop relationships. Effective communication is needed to build rapport as well as deepen relationships as required. Relationship problems can be avoided with it. It can be used for decision making, reaching to conclusions and solve problems through interaction in conflicts. It can also be helpful if you have to convey negative messages. Having good relationship with people reduces stress and anxiety. You will also have social support and backup.

Working in team or group also requires effective communication skills. Reaching to consensus is only possible with good communication between people. You must have assertiveness to influence people and make them believe in you.

Presentation Skills

  • Learn how to put together your presentation, design the best content and message and deliver that message.  
  • Build confidence when speaking to an audience.
  • Learn how to construct your information and communicate the best message.
  • Learn how to deliver a presentation.
  • Sell yourself and effectively communicate your message.

Group Coaching

  • Coaching is a vital part of the training proses, it ensures the proper implementation of the new skills. The more the skills are revised, the better retention of the information. This is also a platform to discuss possible obstacles that surfaced and to construct possible solutions.
  • Coaching combined with training improves productivity by 88%, according to a statistic from a study done by the ICF. They also found that 98.5% of corporates felt the investment was worth it.
  • The group coaching will be short sessions in small groups that will allow for more in-depth discovery of possible needs.
  • There will also be a new skill transfer in every session.


Some of the things which SMME’s battle with is having the wrong driver to start a business and those that have left corporates are used to dealing with “professionals” in a specific field which may not necessarily be the case when you own your own business. You are not guaranteed that you will be dealing with people who are most like you all the time. As cliché as this sounds, entrepreneurship can be a lonely road and often a high level of resilience is required. In addition to the core business competencies and skills SMME’s require support for their thinking to assist them to reach their full potential.

Possible interventions:

  • Personal mastery
  • Stress management
  • Assertiveness and confidence builder
  • Sales mastery
  • Authentic personal brand building
  • Work life balance
  • Executive presentation skills
  • Effective goal setting for results
  • Reframe thinking actionresults

This ideally should be 6 weeks (if training is done every week) and completed within a 12week period (if training is done every fortnight), once a week/fortnight group workshops to take place. Various NLP techniques will be used to teach and coach the above. Recommended additional one on one coaching sessions once every two weeks with one of our qualified Business and Performance Coaches.

Team Performance

Take your team from good to great with our bespoke training and coaching interventions designed to improve your team’s performance.

Graduate Programme

This training is designed to lay the foundation for graduates and young professionals in the world work in terms of their thinking and to raise self-awareness levels. Often graduates join the world of work and have to adjust to a new way of being which is very different from university life. This can be daunting and nerve wrecking for the graduate/young professional who has to make this huge adjustment. Our graduate programme has been designed with this in mind; to equip young professionals with tools which will not only help with the adjustment but will set them up as valuable contributors to an organization.  This programme will be integrated into an existing learnership programme/ “on the job graduate trainee programme”. Each month a topic would be covered

 Possible interventions:

  • Personal mastery
  • Career road mapping
  • Goal setting
  • Building an authentic personal brand
  • Playing your part in being a valuable contributor in an organization
  • Managing conflict
  • Assertiveness and confidence builder
  • Executive presentation skills
  • Creating a balanced life for peak performance

This ideally should be 6 weeks (if training is done every week) and completed within a 12week period (if training is done every fortnight), once a week/fortnight group workshops to take place. Various NLP techniques will be used to teach and coach the above. Recommended additional one on one coaching sessions once every two weeks with one of our qualified NLP coaches.