Call Centre Training

Just recently my business coach summed it up perfectly.

Looking at what call centres currently do – most of the time training is specifically focused on skills training. All call centres are aimed at being the professional in their field which is vitally important because as we know call centre staff often have sick days off and training is often looked at as having a off day.

When we started designing the courses for call centre training we wanted to offer a niche area of focus for call centres specifically. We looked at what was being overlooked in a big way and that was “the people”.

As much as we need skills training we also need to up-skill our staff with effective ways of communicating. Staff need to learn more about where communication starts and that’s with them and NOT a skill. At Mind the Change Academy we want to train, coach and inspire people to be great at being themselves and having easy but effective tools to communicate in whatever area of business.

When brain storming this with my business coach – Willem Gous – he eventually summed it up perfectly. What we inevitably aim to achieve with each call centre agent is :

  1. to think the right message
  2.  to be the right message
  3.  speak the right message

Having these 3 things in alignment is better known as congruent communication and when out communication is congruent we effectively communicate far better than when not.

Here are 3 key points in conflict resolutions:

  1. When dealing with a problem, always remember the PROBLEM IS NOT ABOUT YOU. You are simply the there to help solve the problem. So don’t get caught up in the problem
  2. Always listen intently. The more information you have from the caller the easier it becomes to solve the problem
  3. Build rapport:  When a client feels like he has someone to speak to, it instantly builds                        credibility for you and the brand.

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