Benefits of body language

5 Reason why this is important

So much is being said at any given time in communication and knowing and learning the importance of this can have a substantial effect on your life. According to the here are 5 important key benefits…

1. Connect with people better

Depending on which study you consult, 60-93% of our communication is through body language. Most of just go through life thinking about what to say not how to say it.

Learning body language will help you connect with people better because it will allow you to expand your communication abilities. If you can pick up on tiny gestures the other person makes you can understand them better which leads to a better connection.

2. Double your business

Especially if you’re any kind of entrepreneur, it’s important to know body language. Correctly recognizing and adapting to someone’s body language can make or break your business. Suppose you’re in a meeting with a prospective client and you just keep going and going with your pitch.

In the meanwhile, you fail to notice that your prospect crosses his arms, interlocks his ankles and turns his torso away from you. In the end you walk away without a deal whereas you thought you did a great job.

Learning to recognize such body language can really help you during sales conversations. Addressing the body language I just described (crossed arms, interlocking ankles and turned away torso) may just save the conversation and save your deal. In the long run, this can make you a lot of money!

3. Prevents Conflict

There’s a special type of body language we use when we’re angry or upset. By learning defensive body language and anger nonverbal you are able to detect when your partner gets upset before it escalates. Just imagine how many fights or negative comments you would be able to either prevent or stop dead in their tracks if you had the proper insight into body language.

4. Improve Your Presence

By learning about body language you’re also going to learn about your own presence. What kind of signals are you sending out? How do other people perceive you? What do they make of your posture? When you start learning about body language you become a lot more aware of your own body. How are your arms positioned? When do you tilt your head in conversations? And what does that mean?

One day as I was watching Game of Thrones on the couch, my posture was open, legs in a neutral position and hands in my lap. I was just casually watching Game of Thrones. Then when a particularly nasty character came into the scene, I noticed how I crossed my arms and legs so as to block out that character. This is called nonverbal blocking—we do it when we see or experience something we do not like. Having knowledge of body language will help you notice your own body language and give you the opportunity to change it.

Another important point to mention is that if you know how body language works you can use it to influence how you feel. If you’re feeling slightly depressed, listless or down you can use power body language by standing up and expanding your chest and holding your head high. Do this for 2 minutes. You’ll start to notice how you get your energy back and how you start to feel more confident. By improving your own body language you can not only have a more positive impact on others but also on yourself!

5. Open Up Your World

Have you ever wanted to buy a specific type of car? Let’s say you were considering buying the latest Chevrolet model. Suddenly you see them everywhere! They’re parked at the Home Depot, they drive by your office and a friend suddenly starts talking about it. Has the car suddenly been sold hundreds of times since you made up your mind? No, probably not. It’s your brain that’s been told to look for them, which is now pointing out every single occurrence of the car.

The same thing will happen with body language. There’s so much going on in normal conversations that we’re not aware of. In 30 minutes, people can send over 800 nonverbal signals.

By learning body language you can tell your brain to actively know what to look for and you’ll be amazed at how much you can suddenly see. Vanessa often says, “Once you start studying body language it’s like seeing the world in high definition.” You will begin to suddenly see an extra layer of information.

Everyone has their own reasons for learning body language. What are yours? Why do you want to learn more about it? Post your reasons in the comments below!

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