Mind the Change Life and Executive Coach Academy, NLP Institute and Corporate Training provider.

Mind the Change is a premium International Accredited training and coaching provider, for both individuals and teams.

Our mission is to deliver a measurable skill transfer to groups and individuals. Our outcome based approach and high level of expertise in human development enhances our ability to create positive outcomes. Always operating from a platform of authenticity and integrity, our skilled trainers and coaches have the ability to facilitate real and sustainable change. People are our passion and we believe in the power of NLP as a modality to unleash your greatest potential.

In the many years of working with corporates and individuals the power of NLP has been proven over and over. Some has described NLP as “the user manual for the mind”, it is only when we have an understanding of how the mind operates, that we can make positive changes in our approach to life, our emotions and our behaviours. Your mind is the most powerful resources that you have. Although most people do not know how to utilize this resource to optimize potential and to achieve success.

Mind the change commits to the transfer of knowledge and skills that changes lives.
Take ownership of your life, your results today and learn how to change your mind and change your life.

Corporate training is of growing importance to companies seeking to gain an advantage among competitors. The affect that training has on both employee and organizational goals should always be outcome based and measured. As a service provider, we understand the time constraints regarding training and therefore we offer impactful training solutions. We believe that training leads to an increase in turnover as well as higher levels of employee retention. We also believe in the uniqueness of individuals and team dynamics and therefore prefer to customize our training and coaching solutions according to client’s needs. We also have standardized products that has been tested in a variety of industries and proven to deliver results.

Why Mind the change is a unique training provider?

  1. We help create sustainable lifestyle changes that puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life. The result is an increased sense of ownership and responsibility for one’s life and career. An increased sense of ownership enables one to see themselves as valuable and therefore become a valuable contributor and influencer in the organisation and its bottom line.
  2. Sustainable lifestyle changes require a mind shift therefore we help you through this process by reconditioning the way you think and see yourself.

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“Not only did we see a change in the bottom line, but we also noticed a change in the company moral and the way employees interacted with each other. The way teams approach obstacles and created solutions, is creative and empowering.”

“Amazing life changing training, the facilitator had amazing knowledge and the skill transfer was easy and practical. “

“This training rocked, it was the best training I ever attended. My entire life changed, professionally and personally.”

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